PUBG : Mobile Edition Direct Download [ Developed by: Lightspeed and Timi ]


Tencent announced today that early access to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlefield (绝地求生:刺激战场) will be available tomorrow (in Chinese). Battlefield is the mobile IP of PUBG made by Chinese game developer Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. The registration for early access of Battlefield opened in December and has attracted over 18 million players to register.

Battlefield is one of two versions of PUBG (in Chinese) of the much-anticipated video game that will be released this year. The other version of the game, Army Attack (绝地求生:全军出击) developed by TIMI Studio, already launched its early access the end of last month. Battlefield features the last-man-standing gameplay, while Army Attack focuses on naval warfare and helicopter fights.

Tencent also got diehard PUBG fans excited when it teased the Battlefield poster with the tagline: “Mysterious Training Officer.” It is rumored that local celebrities including Peng Yu-Yan, Wu Jing, Jay Chou are being considered as spokespeople for the wildly popular video game.

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