Bug & Fixes For mt65xx (Mediatek)

◆Notification LED


◆Camera Fixes (system>libs)

-libparamsmgr.so (pixel)
-libcameracustom.so (Front Cam Invert)
-libfeatureio.so (flashlight & notification Led)
-libdpframework.so (green camera)
-libcamdrv.so (green camera)

Or Try Cam Libs One By One (it may cause bootloop , so take backup of previous libs)

(Green/Pink Camera & Video Lagging)

◆Bootloop When Porting (system>libs) (boot.img)

Change Ueventd from Boot.img


-system>etc>wifi ~folder

◆3G Problems



Hw / sensor.default.so
Boot image / init.mt65xx.rc
(Begin sensor service to End sensor service
Complete lines replace from working rom)
-system>etc>firmware ~folder

◆OffLine Charging

-In Boot.img --> sbin>healthd


【For Hotspot Fix Try Wi-Fi Files Also】



◆SD Card / Memory

-mt65xx.fstb in boot.img
(Correct the mount point of sd card in fstb in boot.img)



◆Whatsapp Media Fix




◆Touch Screen (Haptic)

-system>usr>keylayout>generic.kl --> Fix Homekey

◆Sim 1/2 (RIL)

>Permission (RIL)

Bootloop After Trying These files ? DON'T WORRY Try These Files ☺


◆^Experimental^ Fix For RIL




Sometime if Sound Isn't working fully
(Replace All Audio Files)☺


-system>etc>bluetooth ~folder

◆Network Drop

-system>etc>firmware ~folder
(Only Replace From Stock Do Not Delete The Files In Port ROM)



◆Screen Invert While Locking Device

-Copy framework-res.apk to android image -kitchen or TMA and decompile it ,

-Go to res/ values / bools.xmp ,

-Open it using Notepad++

-Search a line "animate screenlights" And
-see the value ,
-If it is True make it false ,
-If it is False make it true
-Recompile the apk , and
-delete previous apk and
-Put new apk in framework folder then
-flash the rom


-Go To Settings>Developer Option>Enable Local Terminal .
-Then Terminal Apk Appear In App Drawer.
-Then Open It.
-Type 'su' then press enter.
-Terminal Ask For SuperSU permission Then Grant .
-Type 'sm set-force-adoptable true' press enter.
-Now Reboot Your Phone.

-Android Lab
-hitesh Garg  Droid4Noob

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