Free Download Android Studio For Windows

Android Studio provides the fastest tools to create applications for every type of Android device.

World-class code editing, debugging, performance tools, a flexible compilation system, and an instantaneous creation/deployment system allow you to focus on creating unique, high-quality applications.

Instant race

Change the code and resources of the application to the application running on a device or emulator and see that the changes come to life immediately. Instant performance dramatically accelerates your edit, build, and run cycles, keeping you "in the flow."

Android Studio Download For Windows

Smart Code Editor

Write better code, work faster and be more productive with an intelligent code editor to help you every step of the way. Android Studio is based on IntelliJ and is able to complete advanced code, refactoring and code analysis.

Fast, feature-rich emulator

Install and run your apps faster than with a physical device and test your app on virtually any Android device configuration: Android phones, Android tablets, Android Wear and Android TV devices. The new Android 2.0 emulator is faster than ever and allows you to dynamically change the emulator and access a number of sensor controls.

Robust and flexible construction system

Easily set up your project to include code libraries and generate multiple build variants for a single project. With Gradle, Android Studio offers high-performance compilation automation, robust dependency management, and customizable build configurations.

Important Information Of Software

Freeware (free)
Operating System:
1.09 GB
Updated Date:
July 12, 2017
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