ROM Porting Guide For Beginners [Mediatek]

ROM Porting Guide For Beginners [Mediatek]

ROM Porting Guide For Bross! 😉

Hey Guys , What's up ?
So without wasting anymore time
Let's Get Straight to the Procedure


-PC or Android Device
-Two roms
-Stock ROM (base ROM)
-Second the ROM which you want to port (port ROM)
-Disk Info app (click here to download)
-Usable Brain 😜

Let's Begin

-You need to unzip your both ROM

-then take both ROM's boot.IMG

-then replace kernel from base rom boot.img to port rom boot.img

  ♦Don't Know How To Unpack/Repack Boot.img? Don't Worry We Are Already Created Tutorial On It Check out

 (if rom doesn't boot then also replace unvented.rc from base rom bootimg to port rom boot IMG)

-Download & open disk info app & check mount point of system & data

-then goto (port) script

-then open updater script & correct the mount points with your device's mount point .

(If Mount point are same OR there is emme then leave it as it is)

-Then replace from stock rom to port rom

-Then replace firmware,Bluetooth, WiFi, from base rom to port rom (path :- system/etc)

-Then edit build prop configuration like your device (check from your base(stock) ROM's build prop)

-This method is enough for booting from same platform

like mtk6582-3.10.54 to mtk6582-3.10.54

-if you face bugs then comment below we will always ready to help you

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