Maxthon terbaru Oktober 2018, versi

Maxthon Cloud Browser  is a fast and efficient brower which uses a unique, innovative dual-core design that uses both Webkit and Trident. Its dual-core design displays all web pages quickly and reliably with HTML 5 support and ‘out of the box’ features. With Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows you can easily share and send files among different devices and platforms.

It’s a brand new browser, with brand new cores and design. Ever since MyIE2, to Maxthon Cloud Browser, you’ve always been with us on this journey of revolution and innovation. To salute you, a minority group that doesn’t follow, we present the all new MX5, a personal browser built just for you.

Modernization in look, evolution at heart. With total optimization re-done at the code level, MX5 now has an evolved dual-core that switches between the two cores based on the website, much more stably and smartly.  Thanks to this new core design, we are able to bring you a nicer looking and better new-tab page and several stunning services.

Infobox, Skynote and bookmarks evolved. Skynote and cloud-synced bookmarks have been two of your favorites right when they were introduced to you. Skynote even inspired some other note-taking apps. So why not build one that does better what these two do the best? That’s infobox, your second brain to help you remember. Whatever contents you see in the browser, you can filter, collect and process with it, anytime, anywhere.

Passkeeper, your ultimate password manager. It smartly creates, fills and saves complicated passwords, meeting various requirements and then securely storing them.

UUMail, probably the last mailbox you’ll ever need. This new member of Maxthon family protects your real email address and gets rid of spams right from the moment you use it.
So where did the previous great features go? Don’t worry. We always listen, to you, to our community of users and contributors. So Split Screen, Snap, Resource Sniffer and other features that you all loved stay just where they are, only work better this time.
And this time, we leave the right to choose in your hand. Go experience MX5, choose only the features that you love to work for you.
This is MX5. A personal browser built for you, with originality and character.
But it’s still a youngster that yet has to grow. We look forward to hearing your ideas and how you think it can be better.

Homepage :

Changes in Maxthon Cloud [2018-10-11]  :
- The international version displayed the Chinese language Flash prompt
- The older version couldn’t display the super large image
- Several websites couldn’t fill form automatically
- The video download link was not be updated when video carousel

Download :
Download Maxthon | 51,99 MB |
Download Maxthon | Portable | 44,15 MB |

Download Maxthon 5 for Android | Play Store |
Download Maxthon 5 for iOS | Apple Store |

Changes in Maxthon Cloud [2017-06-05] :
* Increased stability
* Enhanced performance
* Fix bug of inverted triangle missing on CPU usage icon
* Fix bug of failing to set Maxthon as default browser under Win10 OS
* Other bugs fixed

Download :
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser | 45,87 MB |
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Portable | 39,29 MB |
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for Mac | 59,19 MB |
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for iPhone
Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android (APK) | 11,26 MB |
Download Maxthon Classic

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